Flywheel product updates and improvements.

Week 3, January 2024

Week 3 Jan changelog
Week 3 Jan changelog
Week 3 Jan changelog
Week 3 Jan changelog
Week 3 Jan changelog
Week 3 Jan changelog
Week 3 Jan changelog

New features for Jan 12, 2024

New: Manual data overrides

Default account segments

Introducing new default Account segments! Every new Flywheel signup will automatically have access to these segments. Now you can easily:

  • Discover your most active Accounts

  • Monitor Accounts that are at-risk of churning

  • View all of your paying customers

New: Custom icons for Segments

Custom icons

Customize your Segments with custom icons, emojis, and colors!

New: Smart labels

Smart labels

The easiest way to quickly identify your most promising users — Smart Labels.

There are three default smart labels, including:

  • Champions: The most active Contact within an Account

  • Power Users: The top 10% of users within the last 30 days

  • Buyers: Contacts with an active Stripe payment plan


  • Integrations can now be deleted from Flywheel

  • Better routing between Session Replays and Session tables

  • Improvements to how Flywheel handles personal email signups

  • Bug fix for inviting new users to your Flywheel instance

Week 2, January 2024

Jan 12
Jan 12
Jan 12
Jan 12
Jan 12
Jan 12
Jan 12

New features for Jan 12, 2024

New: Default segments for Accounts

Default account segments

Introducing new default Account segments! Every new Flywheel signup will automatically have access to these segments. Now you can easily:

  • Discover your most active Accounts

  • Monitor Accounts that are at-risk of churning

  • View all of your paying customers

New: Custom icons for Segments

Custom icons

Customize your Segments with custom icons, emojis, and colors!

New: Smart labels

Smart labels

The easiest way to quickly identify your most promising users — Smart Labels.

There are three default smart labels, including:

  • Champions: The most active Contact within an Account

  • Power Users: The top 10% of users within the last 30 days

  • Buyers: Contacts with an active Stripe payment plan


  • Integrations can now be deleted from Flywheel

  • Better routing between Session Replays and Session tables

  • Improvements to how Flywheel handles personal email signups

  • Bug fix for inviting new users to your Flywheel instance

Week 1, January 2024

Jan 5 image
Jan 5 image
Jan 5 image
Jan 5 image
Jan 5 image
Jan 5 image
Jan 5 image

New features for Jan 5, 2024

New: Modal engagements

Modal engagement

Introducing the Modal Message Engagements! You can now effortlessly create modal messages and have them automatically appear on any site with a Flywheel snippet installed. Here's how it works:

  • Create an engagement and give it a name.

  • Select the Modal type.

  • Customize the modal by choosing background and text colors from defaults or adding your own.

  • Get a live preview of the modal on the page.

  • Set the modal live.

New: Full-screen modal engagements

Full-screen modal

Full-screen modals work the exact same way as traditional modals, but bring a stronger emphasis to the message. Use the rich text editor to design the content and design however you prefer.

New: Engagement analytics

Learn exactly who has seen your engagements! As well as who has clicked on them or achieved the goal event you selected when creating the engagement. Perfect for highly-targeted engagements or feature announcements.

New: Dynamic personalization variables

Whether it's the name of the person, account, or other variables, now you can dynamically insert personalized variables into your engagements.

New: Button creation

Engagements now support buttons, with complete control over their appearance.

Button creation

New: Feature usage feed

Simply toggle to the Feed option on a Feature report to see the most recent relevant events for that feature. It's the easiest way to track who has been adopting new features.


  • Feature pages now show relevant Replays that show the feature being used

  • Features pages now have a "Promote feature" button to make announcements easier

  • Filtering has been added to Feature page charts

  • Easily search through icons for Milestones and Features

  • Emojis are a new option for Milestones and Features

  • You can now Preview engagements as specific contacts to see how your personalization variables will appear

Week 1, November 2023

New features

New: Engagements

Introducing the Banner Message Engagements! You can now effortlessly create simple banner messages and have them automatically appear on any site with a Flywheel snippet installed (matching companyId). Here's how it works:

  • Create an engagement and give it a name.

  • The engagement banner will appear on the index page.

  • Customize the banner by choosing background and text colors from defaults or adding your own.

  • Get a live preview of the banner on the page.

  • Render the banner to Flywheel to see it live.

Banner messages also include a dismiss button that works once (persistent dismissal coming soon).

Week 4, October 2023

New features

More filtering capabilities

We've introduced a new filtering option for lists, allowing you to filter by the date an account was created, conveniently labeled as 'Created date'.

Enhanced filtering capabilities

Introducing the IP address filter for sessions. Enjoy improved session management and analysis with this powerful new filtering capability.


Milestone customizations

Last month we've announced our added functionality of customizing milestones with the help of icons and custom colors. This week, we've included convenient constants for default Milestone colors and icons, making the customization process smoother than before.


  • Resolved UI issue of overzealous scrolling

  • Fixed issue with accounts table name overflow

  • Reduced the x axis end spacing on table rows for a more streamlined UI

Week 4, September 2023

New features

Enhanced Asset Cards

Introducing brand-new cards on your assets page! We've added these cards to provide you with more crucial information for drawing insightful conclusions from your analytics. The new cards include performance data such as clicks, sends, and views. Dive into your assets page to access this valuable data.


Asset filter reordering

We've optimized the asset filter experience by reordering some asset fields. This enhancement ensures a more intuitive and user-friendly filtering process.

Event listener improvement

We've sped up event identification in the alertEventListener, reducing delays by 13 seconds. This means you'll get alerts faster. Plus, we've simplified things so we don't need to ask for account and contact details separately when you set up alerts. It's all handled smoothly within the system.


  • Ensured consistency between home page queries and pop-out drawers.

  • Improved filter user experience.

  • Fixed bug with "not any of" operator for filtering.

  • Optimized handling of custom fields with numerous options.

Week 1, September 2023

New features

Manual edit fields

You now have more control over your data in Flywheel with the ability to manually override values. Simply hover over an editable field, click, and edit it as needed. This feature is available for the following fields for Contacts and Accounts:

  • Title

  • Name

  • Industry

  • Owner

You can easily save changes by hitting enter or cancel to revert.

Spending card with revenue metrics

Explore our new Spending Card feature! It displays the total monthly and yearly spend on both the contact and account detail pages, providing insights into year-to-date and month-to-date spending. This data is pulled directly from invoices, and we're working on adding even more information, such as product details, for future filtering capabilities. Stay tuned!


Advanced Custom Fields filters

Enhance your filtering capabilities with the ability to filter contacts using the custom fields info from HubSpot. We've also added the ability to use multiple custom fields to refine your results, so you can now filter out your lists with as much precision and detail as needed

Automatic updates for Custom Fields

Custom fields now update automatically in Flywheel whenever changes occur, ensuring your data is always up-to-date.

Enhanced homepage graphs

Get deeper insights into your growth. Homepage graphs now feature comparisons, allowing you to visualize and track your progress with ease.

Comprehensive account fields

We've expanded the details available in Account fields. They now provide a comprehensive view, including not only active contacts but also inactive ones, offering a more comprehensive understanding of your accounts.

Improved activity feed

Say goodbye to undefined names that leave you clueless on the contacts you're viewing! In the Activity feed, you'll now see anonymous contact names instead of "undefined." You can click on these names to discover more about these contacts and view their behavior.


  • Fixed a small visual bug where the alert bell in the settings milestones was slightly off-centered vertically. It's now perfectly aligned for an improved user experience.

  • No more worries about updating custom updates for consistency! We've resolved the issue, ensuring that updating custom fields is now a smooth and trouble-free process.

Week 4, August 2023

New features

Anonymous contacts (with names)

Your anonymous contacts are not marked as 'anonymous, anymore! Now, each unique anonymous contact is assigned a randomly generated name. They also have their very own Contact page, just like any other user. Whether it's their first or fourteenth visit to your website, all of their history is now tracked in a single location.

Nested Filtering for Segments

Segments just got even more powerful! You can now apply nested filtering by account tags. This means you can easily filter out contacts based on specific tags associated with their accounts. This enhancement will take your analysis capabilities to the next level.

Milestones, Made Memorable

Milestones are now yours to customize! Add icons that resonate with your achievements and choose colors that reflect their status. This customization makes it a breeze to glance at your accounts and see which important events they've successfully completed. Your milestones, your way!


Contact Enrichment

We've expanded our Contact Enrichment Library to offer you more information. Now, fields like Department and Level are derived from the contact's Title, enriching your insights.


  • Resolved an issue where the randomly generated names of anonymous contacts like "Important Cat" would not appear correctly on the Session Details page.

Week 3, August 2023

New features

Smart Labels

Flywheel now automatically groups your best users together with Smart Labels. The new Smart Labels include:

Champion: The most active contact from each company

Power User: The top 10% most active contacts, out of all contacts

Buyer: Any contact who has an associated credit card payment

Last Seen Columns

Your Accounts and Contacts tables are now sorted in a more intuitive manner! We've included a new column called 'Last Seen' in both the 'Accounts' and 'Contacts' tables. This column arranges your accounts and contacts according to the most recent times they've logged in and interacted with your platform.

Export list of MAC

If you're ever curious about the contacts included in our MAC calculations, this new feature is for you. We've introduced an Export option on our in-app Billing page. This option allows you to export the list of contacts currently included in the MAC calculations for the specific billing period.


Upgrade UI experience

When you choose to upgrade your Flywheel plan, you'll notice a smoother UI experience due to our recent enhancements. We've refined the visual appearance of the upgrade modal gradient and scrollbar, ensuring that the modal remains intact while scrolling.

Performance improvement

Great news! We've worked on reducing overfetching for accounts queries, which means our platform will now perform even more efficiently, without any unnecessary delays.


  • Resolved a visual bug that caused inconsistent button widths on the Settings Plans pages.

  • Addressed a visual issue in the Upgrade modal, where the overlapping of the scrollbar and gradient appeared unusual.

  • Fixed the mispositioning of the Alert button in page headers.

  • Rectified a navigation bug that required users to press the back button twice when transitioning from the Alerts page to the previous page.

Week 2, August 2023

New features

Unlimited account enrichment

Let's face it — account enrichment is too expensive. So, we built our own (free) library by scraping data from the most reliable sources. For any of the 1,000,000+ companies in the Flywheel Enrichment library, you will now automatically be shown:

🏁 Founding year

# Company size

💼 Industry

🌐 Technologies used

🔗 Social links

Event filtering with UTMs

We've taken event filtering to the next level by introducing filters for individual UTM fields. You can now filter out your events based on:

  • UTM Campaign

  • UTM Content

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Term

Feel free to use these filters to create segments for you to track!

Tagging Contacts

Contacts now come with the added capability of being tagged! This enhanced your organization and categorization efforts. Add or remove tags from your contacts, to filter them according to your needs.

Efficient Navigation from Alert Emails

When receiving a contact or account alert email, you'll now have the convenience of being directed to Flywheel to further analyze your alert.

Custom fields for accounts

Say hello to 'custom fields' on the account detail page and search! These fields are sycned from HubSpot upon your integration, giving you access to the data collected across all your platforms.

Device information on Session Replays

Whether it's country, device, browser, or aspect ratio, Session Replays now contain information about more than just the events that occurred.

Session Replays at your pace

Now, you have the ability to pause and play videos directly from the video image during session replays, offering a more convenient and fluid user experience.


Optimized pick list search

We've fine-tuned the search performance for pick lists, ensuring quicker and more accurate results.

Enhanced global search

Our global search now returns a broader set of results by default, making information retrieval even more comprehensive.

Speedier contact page performance

We've optimized the speed of loading the 'Contact' page, for an enhanced experience for your interactions.

Edit alerts with ease

Our improved 'Alert detail' page allows you to make edits directly from the inner page of an alert, streamlining your editing process.

Enriched Sessions Page

The sessions page now features an enhanced table with integrated session replay information. Button colors dynamically adapt based on replay availability.

Refined Accounts Filtering

We've significantly enhanced the performance of account page filters, allowing accurate filtering using "does not include" criteria.

Week 1, August 2023

New features

Passive event tracking

Not every event is important, and some events should be excluded from calculations. We've heard your feedback and made tracking customizable. You can now set tracked events as passive, and have more control over how you're tracking your contacts.

Auto-scroll session timeline

In order to improve your experience with the session replays timeline, we've added an auto-scroll functionality. Auto-scroll pauses when you scroll manually, resuming once you re-enable it. It's a blend of automation and user agency, all aimed at refining your analysis process.

Filter bot traffic

Especially with the advent of Large Language Models, bot traffic has increased significantly. Flywheel now automatically removes known bot traffic from your engagement.

Block specific page paths from tracking

Whether you have irrelevant or sensitive data on specific pages in your app, you can now prevent any page path from being tracked by Flywheel.js.

Block IP addresses

Looking to remove event data from known VPNs? Now you can manually remove IP addresses from being tracked by Flywheel.

Cost Estimator

Users can now estimate their monthly Flywheel billing total by entering predicted MAC numbers into our new Cost Estimator.

Billing details

Users can now view their billing details within Flywheel and easily understand how much Free Plan contacts they have remaining.


Contact enrichment

We have enhanced our Contact Enrichment Library by expanding the range of information accessible to you. Additional fields such as Department and Level are now derived from the contact's Title, giving your more information about the contact you're viewing!

Week 4, June 2023

June 30
June 30
June 30
June 30
June 30
June 30
June 30

New features

Slack DMs for Alerts

Alerts no longer need to be sent to public channels and can now be sent directly to you via the Flywheel Slack integration. This is incredibly useful for Sales or Customer Success users of Flywheel who only want to be notified about accounts and contacts that belong to them. When creating an alert, simply click on the ‘Recipient type’ dropdown menu to choose the user you’d like to receive alerts.

Alert details page

Direct Slack links back to Flywheel

Alerts mentioning records in Slack now include direct links back to Flywheel, allowing you to seamlessly navigate between platforms and access detailed information with a single click.

Block events from URL paths

You can now effortlessly block events from certain URLs paths. By leveraging this functionality, you can ensure that only relevant events are captured and analyzed, enabling you to focus on the data that matters most to your analysis.

Filter Sessions by events

We have added the option to filter session recordings based on events. You can now use any event attribute to filter and view the sessions that are most relevant to your analysis. Looking for only sessions that contain a view of your Pricing page? Easy.


Milestones completion rate calculation change

We've made an important improvement to the home page milestone calculations, providing you with more accurate insights. Moving forward, only 'active' accounts and contacts will be considered in the denominator for the milestone percentages, ensuring that the calculations reflect the most relevant and up-to-date data.

Week 3, June 2023

June 23
June 23
June 23
June 23
June 23
June 23
June 23

New features

Alert details page

We’ve recently introduced the ‘Alert Details’ page, designed to provide comprehensive information about your alerts in one centralized location. This page offers a consolidated view of all messages sent as part of the alert, giving you a complete history and context of the alert's activities.

Alert details page

Support for Group calls

Flywheel automatically attempts to match contacts to the right account, but now any company can override that automation with custom Group calls.

Page Views as Goal events

Previously, every Goal event created for assets was required to be a Track event. Now, you can choose page views as the goal for assets! A great way to use this is to make the goal event of an upgrade email the viewing of your Pricing page.

Rage clicks in Session Replays

Session Replays now detect Rage Clicks — situations where a user rapidly clicks multiple times on the same element in a short time period. This allows you to understand which areas of your product may be frustrating for users or are broken.


Contact page sorted by 'Last Seen' by default

We heard feedback that having the Contact page sorted by Total Events wasn't that helpful. Now, the Contacts page is automatically sorted by Last Seen — who was most recently interacting with your product or website.

New 'Accounts' field added to Segments pages

We now added an 'Accounts' column to the inner page of Segments, enabling you to effectively analyze segments with a deeper understanding of associated accounts.

Week 4, May 2023

May 26 changelog image
May 26 changelog image
May 26 changelog image
May 26 changelog image
May 26 changelog image
May 26 changelog image
May 26 changelog image

New features

Open Beta: Session Replays

Session Replays are now available for everyone in Beta! Watch up to 1,000 user recordings a month for free. Significant improvements will occur during the Beta around navigation and discoverability of session replays.

Replays also now come with extensive privacy capabilities. Every Flywheel.js snippet can have unique data collection settings for capturing:

  • Media

  • Text

  • Inputs

  • Canvas

  • Element Attributes

Advanced privacy settings for Flywheel.js

Protecting your sensitive data is important. Flywheel.js already attempts to strip out sensitive data such as credit cards, SSN numbers, and other known data types. However, we've taken this to the next level with our advanced privacy settings. These are applied on a per-snippet level, meaning you can capture certain types of data from your marketing site but remove them from your product.

Membership charts for segments

Every Segment in Flywheel now has a membership chart that shows the change of matching users over time. Current Flywheel customers are using this functionality to watch At-Risk users, growth in C-level users, and other persona adoption criteria.

Milestones deep dive

You can now see which users have triggered your custom Milestone events in Flywheel from our Home screen. Simply click on the row of the Milestone you'd like to see more information about to see the list. You can also export this list of users as a CSV.

IP address blocklist

Companies looking to remove their internal activity from their product and marketing metrics can now remove data from specific IP addresses. This is particularly helpful for companies using VPNs.


Side panels on Asset pages

You can simply go to one of your assets, such as a blog post, then click on “influence” to see the exact contacts and accounts who have been influenced by that content.

Filter with OR clauses

Users can now filter with an "OR" clause by selecting multiple values in a filter condition. For example, try selecting both the "computer science" and "higher education" industries to see a sorted list of accounts that meet both criteria.

New milestone edit button

Editing milestones has been a settings-buried experience, until now! Easily change your milestones from the Home page with our new edit button.

Milestones search bar 

Previously, search results on the Milestone page were displayed in occurrence order, which could make it difficult to quickly find values. With our search bar update, the milestones are sorted by a value matching algorithm, making it easier for you to find the correct event.

Week 4, April 2023

New features

Session Replays (Beta)

This week we’ve added a new beta feature on our platform: Session Replays!

Our new cross-domain, multi-session replays make sense of confusing B2B SaaS user journeys. They're literal videos of every interaction a user has had with your company, product, and website. Sign up for the beta here!

Analytics for Segments

Huge new feature for Flywheel. You can now filter our Home page by any user Segment that you've created. This allows companies to analyze the product and marketing interactions of any user persona. Give it a shot and let us know what you think.

Event creation icons

You can now create Slack or Email alerts directly from the Activity feed page by clicking on the bell icon next to any event.

Dynamic date ranges

Segments have been upgraded to now be fully dynamic lists based on moving date ranges. Aka, you can now filter based on the "Last 7 days" and more. The default values are:

  • Today

  • Yesterday

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 14 days

  • Last 30 days

We've also kept the ability to set custom date ranges.

Asset overview date ranges

The original Asset overview page only supported the "All-time" date range. Now, select from multiple pre-designated date ranges such as:

  • Last 24 hours

  • Last 7 days

  • Last 30 days

  • All-time

Autocapture toggle

Our Flywheel.js tracking snippet automatically tracks all events that occur on your marketing site or in your product. While we believe this is best practice, you can now toggle off the autocapture functionality.


Filter pick lists

We're continuing to make Filters easier to use. We've added pick lists that show available values for Level, Industry, Department, and Title.

More side panels

Customers have been loving our side panels that can be found by clicking "View" throughout the app. We've added 8 more side panels to Flywheel and are working to add even more.


8x speed improvement for Search

Search was slow. Now it's fast. Hooray!

3x speed improvement for Contacts pages

Similar to the above, the Contacts page was one of the slowest in Flywheel.

∞ scale for integrations

Flywheel can now integrate with any sized instance of Salesforce, HubSpot, Intercom, Stripe, and Segment. Enterprise-scale indeed.

Week 3, April 2023

New features

View conversations directly on Contact Page

This week we’ve added a new beta feature on our platform: the ability to view conversations directly on the contact page. If you have existing conversations with a contact, you can now view them easily from their contact page, without having to navigate to a separate platform. Note that this feature is currently in beta and may undergo further changes and enhancements in the future.

Segment filters

With the new segment filters, you can now create segments based on specific timeframes and access analytics for a subset of your users belonging to that time frame. For example, you can filter for who left after 30 days of triggering a certain you insight into who slipped from your funnel. With this powerful new feature, you can create targeted campaigns to re-engage these users and improve your overall user retention.

New filters on Assets Overview

Next, we added new filters to the assets overview page. The first filter addition allows you to view the behavior of users belonging to a category of your choice. For example, you can pick the ‘name contains’ filter and type in the name of a particular company to view the behavior of users from that company.

We have also added an "all time" view filter, which displays data from the time when your product was first launched.



We have implemented some speed enhancements to the Flywheel platform, resulting in faster access to content across the pages. Specifically, you can now expect improved loading times for the home page, segments, and any pages featuring filters.

Bug fixes

  • fixed an issue that caused the filter bar to disappear

  • fixed another filter issue that affected the proper application of multiple filters

Week 1, April 2023


Downloading .csv contacts

You now have the ability to download a csv of Contacts and Accounts from your home page. You can easily transfer lists of users to other tools like CRMs, making it more convenient to manage your contacts across multiple platforms.

New Filter on the Home Page

With the ability to filter your home page by Segments, you can now visualize your Segments' behavior more clearly. If you haven't created any Segments yet, here's a step-by-step guide to creating your first Segment.

Query performance

Improvements in query performance have been made across the board, now your queries will load much faster than before.

Paying customers data

The Flywheel Home screen now includes data about the number of paying customers your company has, along with a benchmark against your all-time high so that you have a better visualization of your company performance.

What’s Next?

Session recordings

You will soon be able to view session recordings of your contacts to see how they interact with your product, where they get stuck or confused, and what features they use most frequently.

Time ranges filters

Any query with a filter will soon be able to pass on time ranges. For instance, if you want to view an event that has happened within the past 30 days of the current period, you will be able to do so using filters.

Week 5, March 2023

New features

Home screen

Our new Home page is a quick way to get an overview of your product and marketing engagement across the past week.

Check out a demo walkthrough of the new page here.

Intercom conversations

If you've integrated Intercom with Flywheel, you'll now find all of your Intercom conversations with your users on their relevant Contact page. You'll also soon be able to see those messages appear on the Contact timelines themselves.


It's important to get insights quickly, so we've focused heavily on improving performance across all Flywheel pages and queries. Some of them are now 5x faster! We've also added new loading screens so that you can navigate without waiting for all of your data to load first.

Week 4, March 2023


This week the Flywheel team focused on improving experience design across the application, as well as improving functionality for Filters and gearing up for two massive new features next week. Stay tuned!

  • A new filter field called Event Type that allows customers to filter out Page Views, Track Events, or Identify calls

  • A new filter field called Contacted that contains the number of emails sent to any contact in Flywheel

  • We have a new tooltip that gives improved error handling when inviting users

  • Better message previews for Alerts and an easier creation flow. 

  • Easier Slack integration from the Alerts UI.

Bug fixes

  • We’ve fixed an authentication issue that affected invites to existing users 

  • Fixed a pagination bug that blocked some customers from scrolling to load new Accounts records

  • Small UI fix with the ‘Never Active’ icon in the Active Contacts section

Week 3, March 2023

New features

New pacing algorithm

We've completely redefined our Pacing algorithm to reflect the activity trend of any Account across the past 30 days. Pacing will also compare than trend line against every other account using your product, and then accommodate the fact that not every account has been alive for the entire time frame.

Account tags

Tags are a way to categorize Accounts in ways that Flywheel doesn't currently support or care about. An example might be tagging specific accounts that you want to keep an eye on, or a group of Accounts who came by your booth at an event. Create any number of tags and add as many tags as you'd like to every Account.

Contacted field

Now you can see the number of times that you've emailed any contact, helping you send less emails to unengaged users and see if there is an ideal number of times to reach out.


  • We've added the ability to delete Alerts

  • There are now multiple locations in the app to create an Alert from

  • You can now filter by new fields! Newly supported fields include:

    • Event type

    • Account tags

    • Account owners

    • Contacted count

  • Filters now support dropdown items to make it easier to define filter conditions

  • We've improved the interface for Alerts and made creating them easier

Bug fixes

  • Account comparison percentiles are now accurate for defining Pacing results

  • Fixed an intermittent issue where Intercom was not syncing accounts

  • Milestones now appear and disappear in real time when added or removed

Week 2, March 2023

Flywheel has recently added five brand-new features as part of this changelog, plus 37 small updates and improvements.

🔔 Alerts: Send slack (or email) notifications, and digests daily / weekly / monthly, about any marketing or product events. Learn more about Alerts here.

🎯 Dynamic segments: Create saved lists of users based on any marketing or product activity, combined with company and user-level data like Level, Industry, Company size, and Title.

📊 UTM filtering: Now you can see which demand gen campaigns are driving product adoption via filtering by any UTM parameter.

🎣 Automatic event capture: Our Flywheel.js tracking snippet now automatically captures every click event wherever it’s installed, no engineering work needed.

👥 Automatic user identification: Starting today, Flywheel.js automatically identifies any email submission and creates a contact record. Again, with no engineering work required!

… plus 37 other small updates and improvements