Week 1, August 2023

Aug 4, 2023

New features

Passive event tracking

Not every event is important, and some events should be excluded from calculations. We've heard your feedback and made tracking customizable. You can now set tracked events as passive, and have more control over how you're tracking your contacts.

Auto-scroll session timeline

In order to improve your experience with the session replays timeline, we've added an auto-scroll functionality. Auto-scroll pauses when you scroll manually, resuming once you re-enable it. It's a blend of automation and user agency, all aimed at refining your analysis process.

Filter bot traffic

Especially with the advent of Large Language Models, bot traffic has increased significantly. Flywheel now automatically removes known bot traffic from your engagement.

Block specific page paths from tracking

Whether you have irrelevant or sensitive data on specific pages in your app, you can now prevent any page path from being tracked by Flywheel.js.

Block IP addresses

Looking to remove event data from known VPNs? Now you can manually remove IP addresses from being tracked by Flywheel.

Cost Estimator

Users can now estimate their monthly Flywheel billing total by entering predicted MAC numbers into our new Cost Estimator.

Billing details

Users can now view their billing details within Flywheel and easily understand how much Free Plan contacts they have remaining.


Contact enrichment

We have enhanced our Contact Enrichment Library by expanding the range of information accessible to you. Additional fields such as Department and Level are now derived from the contact's Title, giving your more information about the contact you're viewing!