Week 1, September 2023

Aug 21, 2023

New features

Manual edit fields

You now have more control over your data in Flywheel with the ability to manually override values. Simply hover over an editable field, click, and edit it as needed. This feature is available for the following fields for Contacts and Accounts:

  • Title

  • Name

  • Industry

  • Owner

You can easily save changes by hitting enter or cancel to revert.

Spending card with revenue metrics

Explore our new Spending Card feature! It displays the total monthly and yearly spend on both the contact and account detail pages, providing insights into year-to-date and month-to-date spending. This data is pulled directly from invoices, and we're working on adding even more information, such as product details, for future filtering capabilities. Stay tuned!


Advanced Custom Fields filters

Enhance your filtering capabilities with the ability to filter contacts using the custom fields info from HubSpot. We've also added the ability to use multiple custom fields to refine your results, so you can now filter out your lists with as much precision and detail as needed

Automatic updates for Custom Fields

Custom fields now update automatically in Flywheel whenever changes occur, ensuring your data is always up-to-date.

Enhanced homepage graphs

Get deeper insights into your growth. Homepage graphs now feature comparisons, allowing you to visualize and track your progress with ease.

Comprehensive account fields

We've expanded the details available in Account fields. They now provide a comprehensive view, including not only active contacts but also inactive ones, offering a more comprehensive understanding of your accounts.

Improved activity feed

Say goodbye to undefined names that leave you clueless on the contacts you're viewing! In the Activity feed, you'll now see anonymous contact names instead of "undefined." You can click on these names to discover more about these contacts and view their behavior.


  • Fixed a small visual bug where the alert bell in the settings milestones was slightly off-centered vertically. It's now perfectly aligned for an improved user experience.

  • No more worries about updating custom updates for consistency! We've resolved the issue, ensuring that updating custom fields is now a smooth and trouble-free process.