Week 2, March 2023

Mar 11, 2023

Flywheel has recently added five brand-new features as part of this changelog, plus 37 small updates and improvements.


πŸ”” Alerts: Send slack (or email) notifications, and digests daily / weekly / monthly, about any marketing or product events. Learn more about Alerts here.

🎯 Dynamic segments: Create saved lists of users based on any marketing or product activity, combined with company and user-level data like Level, Industry, Company size, and Title.

πŸ“Š UTM filtering: Now you can see which demand gen campaigns are driving product adoption via filtering by any UTM parameter.

🎣 Automatic event capture: Our Flywheel.js tracking snippet now automatically captures every click event wherever it’s installed, no engineering work needed.

πŸ‘₯ Automatic user identification: Starting today, Flywheel.js automatically identifies any email submission and creates a contact record. Again, with no engineering work required!

… plus 37 other small updates and improvements