Week 3, March 2023

Mar 17, 2023

New features

New pacing algorithm

We've completely redefined our Pacing algorithm to reflect the activity trend of any Account across the past 30 days. Pacing will also compare than trend line against every other account using your product, and then accommodate the fact that not every account has been alive for the entire time frame.

Account tags

Tags are a way to categorize Accounts in ways that Flywheel doesn't currently support or care about. An example might be tagging specific accounts that you want to keep an eye on, or a group of Accounts who came by your booth at an event. Create any number of tags and add as many tags as you'd like to every Account.

Contacted field

Now you can see the number of times that you've emailed any contact, helping you send less emails to unengaged users and see if there is an ideal number of times to reach out.


  • We've added the ability to delete Alerts

  • There are now multiple locations in the app to create an Alert from

  • You can now filter by new fields! Newly supported fields include:

    • Event type

    • Account tags

    • Account owners

    • Contacted count

  • Filters now support dropdown items to make it easier to define filter conditions

  • We've improved the interface for Alerts and made creating them easier

Bug fixes

  • Account comparison percentiles are now accurate for defining Pacing results

  • Fixed an intermittent issue where Intercom was not syncing accounts

  • Milestones now appear and disappear in real time when added or removed