Week 4, June 2023

Jun 30, 2023

New features

Slack DMs for Alerts

Alerts no longer need to be sent to public channels and can now be sent directly to you via the Flywheel Slack integration. This is incredibly useful for Sales or Customer Success users of Flywheel who only want to be notified about accounts and contacts that belong to them. When creating an alert, simply click on the ‘Recipient type’ dropdown menu to choose the user you’d like to receive alerts.

Alert details page

Direct Slack links back to Flywheel

Alerts mentioning records in Slack now include direct links back to Flywheel, allowing you to seamlessly navigate between platforms and access detailed information with a single click.

Block events from URL paths

You can now effortlessly block events from certain URLs paths. By leveraging this functionality, you can ensure that only relevant events are captured and analyzed, enabling you to focus on the data that matters most to your analysis.

Filter Sessions by events

We have added the option to filter session recordings based on events. You can now use any event attribute to filter and view the sessions that are most relevant to your analysis. Looking for only sessions that contain a view of your Pricing page? Easy.


Milestones completion rate calculation change

We've made an important improvement to the home page milestone calculations, providing you with more accurate insights. Moving forward, only 'active' accounts and contacts will be considered in the denominator for the milestone percentages, ensuring that the calculations reflect the most relevant and up-to-date data.