Week 4, May 2023

May 26, 2023

New features

Open Beta: Session Replays

Session Replays are now available for everyone in Beta! Watch up to 1,000 user recordings a month for free. Significant improvements will occur during the Beta around navigation and discoverability of session replays.

Replays also now come with extensive privacy capabilities. Every Flywheel.js snippet can have unique data collection settings for capturing:

  • Media

  • Text

  • Inputs

  • Canvas

  • Element Attributes

Advanced privacy settings for Flywheel.js

Protecting your sensitive data is important. Flywheel.js already attempts to strip out sensitive data such as credit cards, SSN numbers, and other known data types. However, we've taken this to the next level with our advanced privacy settings. These are applied on a per-snippet level, meaning you can capture certain types of data from your marketing site but remove them from your product.

Membership charts for segments

Every Segment in Flywheel now has a membership chart that shows the change of matching users over time. Current Flywheel customers are using this functionality to watch At-Risk users, growth in C-level users, and other persona adoption criteria.

Milestones deep dive

You can now see which users have triggered your custom Milestone events in Flywheel from our Home screen. Simply click on the row of the Milestone you'd like to see more information about to see the list. You can also export this list of users as a CSV.

IP address blocklist

Companies looking to remove their internal activity from their product and marketing metrics can now remove data from specific IP addresses. This is particularly helpful for companies using VPNs.


Side panels on Asset pages

You can simply go to one of your assets, such as a blog post, then click on “influence” to see the exact contacts and accounts who have been influenced by that content.

Filter with OR clauses

Users can now filter with an "OR" clause by selecting multiple values in a filter condition. For example, try selecting both the "computer science" and "higher education" industries to see a sorted list of accounts that meet both criteria.

New milestone edit button

Editing milestones has been a settings-buried experience, until now! Easily change your milestones from the Home page with our new edit button.

Milestones search bar 

Previously, search results on the Milestone page were displayed in occurrence order, which could make it difficult to quickly find values. With our search bar update, the milestones are sorted by a value matching algorithm, making it easier for you to find the correct event.