Week 3, August 2023

Aug 21, 2023

New features

Smart Labels

Flywheel now automatically groups your best users together with Smart Labels. The new Smart Labels include:

Champion: The most active contact from each company

Power User: The top 10% most active contacts, out of all contacts

Buyer: Any contact who has an associated credit card payment

Last Seen Columns

Your Accounts and Contacts tables are now sorted in a more intuitive manner! We've included a new column called 'Last Seen' in both the 'Accounts' and 'Contacts' tables. This column arranges your accounts and contacts according to the most recent times they've logged in and interacted with your platform.

Export list of MAC

If you're ever curious about the contacts included in our MAC calculations, this new feature is for you. We've introduced an Export option on our in-app Billing page. This option allows you to export the list of contacts currently included in the MAC calculations for the specific billing period.


Upgrade UI experience

When you choose to upgrade your Flywheel plan, you'll notice a smoother UI experience due to our recent enhancements. We've refined the visual appearance of the upgrade modal gradient and scrollbar, ensuring that the modal remains intact while scrolling.

Performance improvement

Great news! We've worked on reducing overfetching for accounts queries, which means our platform will now perform even more efficiently, without any unnecessary delays.


  • Resolved a visual bug that caused inconsistent button widths on the Settings Plans pages.

  • Addressed a visual issue in the Upgrade modal, where the overlapping of the scrollbar and gradient appeared unusual.

  • Fixed the mispositioning of the Alert button in page headers.

  • Rectified a navigation bug that required users to press the back button twice when transitioning from the Alerts page to the previous page.