Week 4, August 2023

Aug 21, 2023

New features

Anonymous contacts (with names)

Your anonymous contacts are not marked as 'anonymous, anymore! Now, each unique anonymous contact is assigned a randomly generated name. They also have their very own Contact page, just like any other user. Whether it's their first or fourteenth visit to your website, all of their history is now tracked in a single location.

Nested Filtering for Segments

Segments just got even more powerful! You can now apply nested filtering by account tags. This means you can easily filter out contacts based on specific tags associated with their accounts. This enhancement will take your analysis capabilities to the next level.

Milestones, Made Memorable

Milestones are now yours to customize! Add icons that resonate with your achievements and choose colors that reflect their status. This customization makes it a breeze to glance at your accounts and see which important events they've successfully completed. Your milestones, your way!


Contact Enrichment

We've expanded our Contact Enrichment Library to offer you more information. Now, fields like Department and Level are derived from the contact's Title, enriching your insights.


  • Resolved an issue where the randomly generated names of anonymous contacts like "Important Cat" would not appear correctly on the Session Details page.