Week 4, September 2023

Aug 21, 2023

New features

Enhanced Asset Cards

Introducing brand-new cards on your assets page! We've added these cards to provide you with more crucial information for drawing insightful conclusions from your analytics. The new cards include performance data such as clicks, sends, and views. Dive into your assets page to access this valuable data.


Asset filter reordering

We've optimized the asset filter experience by reordering some asset fields. This enhancement ensures a more intuitive and user-friendly filtering process.

Event listener improvement

We've sped up event identification in the alertEventListener, reducing delays by 13 seconds. This means you'll get alerts faster. Plus, we've simplified things so we don't need to ask for account and contact details separately when you set up alerts. It's all handled smoothly within the system.


  • Ensured consistency between home page queries and pop-out drawers.

  • Improved filter user experience.

  • Fixed bug with "not any of" operator for filtering.

  • Optimized handling of custom fields with numerous options.