What is a Goal?

Goals are specific events that you can designate as the ideal result following an Asset interaction. Every Asset in Flywheel can have a specific Goal.

How do Goals work?

Every Asset can have a Goal assigned to it. And every Asset tracks interactions from Contacts. Examples of this are a Contact viewing a web page or clicking on a link embedded in an email.

After we record a Contact’s engagement on an Asset, Flywheel will record all other events that the same Contact triggers for the next 30 minutes. If the Contact triggers the listed Goal event within that 30 minutes, we will give credit to the Asset for prompting the Goal event.

Due to the way this is implemented in Flywheel, Goal events can be changed at any time with no repercussions. Feel free to test which Goals make the most sense for each Asset!

What can be selected as a Goal event?

Goal events can be selected from any of the Tracked event or Page view events that have been sent to Flywheel, usually from either Segment or Intercom. Simply start typing the name of any event or page into the Goal search box. Only a single Goal can be assigned to an Asset at any given time.

The data source type does not affect Goal events. This means a Goal event could be any event from any marketing or product integration, from “Signed Up”, to “Feature X completed”, to “Pricing Page Viewed”.

Note: Intercom does not allow Page view events to be accessed from outside their product, so only Tracked events (called ‘events’ in Intercom) from Intercom will appear as options for Goal events.

Selecting the right Goal events

Goal events are as open-ended as the events sent to Flywheel. Because of this, Assets can have far more targeted goals than the 3-4 options marketers are used to. You can find best practices around goal setting here.

The best Goal events are direct actions you want Contacts to take after engaging with an Asset. Here are a few that Flywheel uses internally.

  • Asset: Homepage (Web page) → Goal event: Trial Started

  • Asset: Goals (Documentation) → Goal event: Goal Event Set

  • Asset: Welcome email (Email) → Goal event: Logged In

  • Asset: Announcing Feature X (Blog post) → Goal event: Feature X Opened

Goals support the Flywheel ethos that each Asset should have a clear purpose and intended result. It’s key to decide what the goal of your content is before writing. With a goal in mind, you can confirm your content performs as expected and iterate on any part of your go-to-market engine.