Week 2, August 2023

Aug 8, 2023

New features

Unlimited account enrichment

Let's face it — account enrichment is too expensive. So, we built our own (free) library by scraping data from the most reliable sources. For any of the 1,000,000+ companies in the Flywheel Enrichment library, you will now automatically be shown:

🏁 Founding year

# Company size

💼 Industry

🌐 Technologies used

🔗 Social links

Event filtering with UTMs

We've taken event filtering to the next level by introducing filters for individual UTM fields. You can now filter out your events based on:

  • UTM Campaign

  • UTM Content

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Term

Feel free to use these filters to create segments for you to track!

Tagging Contacts

Contacts now come with the added capability of being tagged! This enhanced your organization and categorization efforts. Add or remove tags from your contacts, to filter them according to your needs.

Efficient Navigation from Alert Emails

When receiving a contact or account alert email, you'll now have the convenience of being directed to Flywheel to further analyze your alert.

Custom fields for accounts

Say hello to 'custom fields' on the account detail page and search! These fields are sycned from HubSpot upon your integration, giving you access to the data collected across all your platforms.

Device information on Session Replays

Whether it's country, device, browser, or aspect ratio, Session Replays now contain information about more than just the events that occurred.

Session Replays at your pace

Now, you have the ability to pause and play videos directly from the video image during session replays, offering a more convenient and fluid user experience.


Optimized pick list search

We've fine-tuned the search performance for pick lists, ensuring quicker and more accurate results.

Enhanced global search

Our global search now returns a broader set of results by default, making information retrieval even more comprehensive.

Speedier contact page performance

We've optimized the speed of loading the 'Contact' page, for an enhanced experience for your interactions.

Edit alerts with ease

Our improved 'Alert detail' page allows you to make edits directly from the inner page of an alert, streamlining your editing process.

Enriched Sessions Page

The sessions page now features an enhanced table with integrated session replay information. Button colors dynamically adapt based on replay availability.

Refined Accounts Filtering

We've significantly enhanced the performance of account page filters, allowing accurate filtering using "does not include" criteria.