Week 3, April 2023

Apr 21, 2023

New features

View conversations directly on Contact Page

This week we’ve added a new beta feature on our platform: the ability to view conversations directly on the contact page. If you have existing conversations with a contact, you can now view them easily from their contact page, without having to navigate to a separate platform. Note that this feature is currently in beta and may undergo further changes and enhancements in the future.

Segment filters

With the new segment filters, you can now create segments based on specific timeframes and access analytics for a subset of your users belonging to that time frame. For example, you can filter for who left after 30 days of triggering a certain you insight into who slipped from your funnel. With this powerful new feature, you can create targeted campaigns to re-engage these users and improve your overall user retention.

New filters on Assets Overview

Next, we added new filters to the assets overview page. The first filter addition allows you to view the behavior of users belonging to a category of your choice. For example, you can pick the ‘name contains’ filter and type in the name of a particular company to view the behavior of users from that company.

We have also added an "all time" view filter, which displays data from the time when your product was first launched.



We have implemented some speed enhancements to the Flywheel platform, resulting in faster access to content across the pages. Specifically, you can now expect improved loading times for the home page, segments, and any pages featuring filters.

Bug fixes

  • fixed an issue that caused the filter bar to disappear

  • fixed another filter issue that affected the proper application of multiple filters