What is Pacing?

Pacing is a Flywheel algorithm applied to Accounts that gives the likelihood a specific Account continues using your product. The Account list is sorted by Pacing results as a default. Every Account is given one of the following classifications:

  • Great

  • Fair

  • Poor

  • Dormant

If an Account is a customer, the Customer designation will override the pacing score for that Account.

How is Pacing calculated?

Pacing is not a black box algorithm. Instead of relying on opaque machine learning inputs and results, Pacing is an intuitive algorithm that leverages cohorts, event volume, weighted events, and comparative analyses. 

Feel free to contact us for a detailed explanation of the Pacing algorithm.

Custom Pacing algorithms

Customers on our Enterprise plan have the option to replace the Pacing algorithm with a custom algorithm of their own.